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Sonnensegel Dreiecksonnensegel Paravent - mobiler Sichtschutz Camping-Sonnensegel
Peddy Shield Partners Europakarte

Wanted – Distribution Partners Europe

Successful E-Commerce Shop for more than 10 years in Germany and France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and recently in Hungary open for partners in european countries.

National european substitutes and Internetshops:

Germany France Belgien
Austria Netherland Hungary
Swizerland Turkey Czech Republic
Under construction:
Greek Greek

Become our Franchise Partner!

Substitutes are on demand in:

Spain Spain Portugal Portugal
Polen Poland Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
Italy Italy Denmark Denmark
Sweden Sweden Finland Finland
Norway Norway

Baltic Countries: ES, LIS, LET, Slowakei
The Balkans: SL, HR
East-European Countries: RUS, BG, RU

Product Range

Shade Sails - the most comprehensive range of DIY Shades in Germany: only from Peddy Shield!

  • innovative DIY technical sun protection is our mission
  • mobile versatile sight protection to provide privacy – innovative, patented attractive USP´s (Unique Selling Proposion)
  • Patent protection to prevent product piracy – the original ist the better choice
  • Products are made for mail order

Novel Shade Sails Mounted On Two Parallel Wire Ropes

  • Our invention and patents
  • Innovative and USP´s for shading balconies
  • Versatile DIY shadowing system
  • We have specialized on shadowing glass roofs of any type

Shade Sailes with elastic cords

Shade Sails mounted employing metal poles anywhere outdoor

  • Complete range of products from small to large with accessories

Mobile Folding-Screen for Privacy Protection - versatile

  • mobile privacy shield & draught shield - indoor & outdoor
  • weatherproof including novel accessories
  • ean Patent Protection

Growth Support with Novel Wire Cord Technique

  • Two technical designs: Stainless steel or steel zink-plated
  • Patent protected

The Company

Peddy Shield GmbH

  • Offers unique technical DIY sun protection systems & mobile privacy shields
  • Represents the inventor of the novel shade sails suspended by wire cords having opened a market niche succesfully
  • Developed a novel idea of privacy shields to be clipped together
  • Patented all over Europe and prepared to fill again a market niche.
    www.sichtschutz-mobil.de (to be translated by you)

Our Product Philosophy:

  • Innovative technical DIY shadowing
  • Innovative mobile privacy shields having patent protection and attractive USP`s
  • Products ideal for mail order shipment

Contact us
(german or english language)

phone:   +49 - (0)214 - 20 60 87 0
e-Mail: info@peddy-shield.de

Explanations of the offered Business Idea in further Languages: click here

Sonnensegel Verpackung

1. E-Commerce B2C via the state-of-the-art Peddy Shield Internet Shop

B2C (Business to Consumer)

Direct Marketing of novel DIY garden summer items offering attractive conditions

B2B (Business to Business)

Parallel to the B2C activities B2B using the identical shop system to enable retailers to serve customers in your country offering field installation or to seperately sell by their own internet shop.
Note our novel offer for customized shading of glass roofs – unique in Germany and Europe employing our versatile wirecord-suspended shade sails.
The successful implementation of the Peddy Shop in your country also allows other internet shops to sell Peddy Shield items via your organization.

The maintenance of the shop system is easy but requires translation into your own mother tongue (mandatory) taking care for the proper phrasing of novel technical terms. The Peddy Shop is one of the most professional B2C/B2B systems of a start-up. Our success origins to attractive DIY summer garden items and strict consumer orientation taking the advantage of the internet for novel products needing proper explanation.
Buying in the internet requires transparency and trust assured by a state-of-the-art and safe shopping cart and buying means to be finished up by fast delivery with trace and track code and shipment confirmation – thus, returns and complaints are rare.

2. The Parallel Marketing via Retail/Wholesale & Mail Order is Mandatory

We expect our national distribution partners to distribute on a wholesale level or as importer in addition to the e-commerce B2C/B2B.

a) Mail Order Business

Our products are made for the mail order business and therefore must enter in this market channel. All our summer garden items are very much welcomed in the mail order business.

b) Retail Business

DIY chains, hard ware shops, garden centers , dealers of garden furniture, and retailers specialistized on awnings and garden umbrellas complete their range of products with our shade sails of different types, the novel folding fence for privacy and even the growth support for climbers.
We have a number POS (Point-of-Sale) solutions ready to support the retail business.

We are pleased to offer inlets for own brands.

This concept of a combined e-commerce and retail business generates synergies and profit allowing us to grant you exclusive marketing rights for your mother country.

Just contact us!

Peddy Shield Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH
Office Germany: Phone: +49 - (0)214 - 20 60 87 0
Johannes-Kepler-Straße 30 Fax: +49 - (0)214 - 20 60 87 29
51377 Leverkusen E-Mail: info@peddy-shield.de
Deutschland/Germany Internet: www.peddy-shield.de